Life Insurance

Since VIM Group’s inception, we have been working exclusively with insurers in the life industry to deliver innovative rehabilitation services.  We have elected to work solely with life insurers, due to a mutual focus on high quality, customised service delivery to deliver premium outcomes, rather than simply following a rigid process.

Our service delivery model is based on end-to-end management of rehabilitation cases, including return to pre-disability employment, vocational assessment, vocational counselling and engagement in new employment. We have achieved excellent results through our engagement with stakeholders, specifically the Insured and their Treating Practitioners. VIM Group have developed a strong history of outcomes in both the group and retail claims sectors, whilst collaborating to achieve return to work success in industries ranging from the industrial sector through to white collar industries. 

Our experience and tailored approach to develop rapport with the Insured and their treating practitioners facilitates the common status quo to be challenged in a positive manner and ultimately progress “stuck” members forward – particularly in an environment where participation and engagement are not guaranteed. Over time we have found the skill sets that our Occupational Therapists and Registered Psychologists are able to utilise are the best aligned to achieve the strategies required to engage all parties with focussed rehabilitation outcomes.

VIM Group’s key areas of service delivery to drive engagement and outcomes are:

  • Rehabilitation Assessments and Programs
  • Worksite Assessments and modifications
  • Medical Case Conferencing and engagement of treating practitioners
  • Specific barrier identification and targeted actions to address and measure progress
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Vocational Counselling and job seeking services
  • Work Conditioning Programs to generate and demonstrate capacity
  • Employability (TPD) Assessment

Geographically, we deliver services across Victoria and Queensland, whilst also providing coverage to South Australia and Tasmania through regular tours from our Victorian base.

Click here for more details of our innovative Claim Triage Program designed to facilitate improved duration management through targeted service delivery, whilst minimising claims costs.