Employer Work Cover Advisory

VIM Group provides specialist consultancy services to employers to prevent and manage workplace injuries and claims.  Our consultancy is specifically designed to allow our clients to save money, save time and ensure legislative obligations are met.

WorkCover costs and associated issues are a problem area for a majority of employers. They can have a large impact on workplace culture and your company’s bottom line, given WorkCover premiums are typically the second largest labour cost to a business after wages. Add to this that Victorian businesses pay $2 billion per year on WorkCover premiums alone and you begin to see the impact that WorkCover premiums and claims have across all industries and businesses.

What most businesses are not aware of is that you are able to proactively take control of your WorkCover premiums, claims and injuries to reduce the cost to the business, both in time and money.

With over 10 years of industry experience, VIM Group have consulted to hundreds of employers and have found the same issues present from some of Australia's largest companies through to the smallest of businesses.

With over 10 years of industry experience, VIM Group have consulted to hundreds of employers...

A multi-pronged approach is required to minimise WorkCover costs and sustain these savings for the longer term, including:

  • A WorkCover Health Check to review data provided to the WorkCover insurer to ensure proactive claims management and accurate calculation of premiums
  • A comprehensive Early Intervention service designed to prevent injuries from becoming claims in the first two weeks post-injury 
  • Proactive claims and injury management strategies to minimise claims costs (and by extension premiums), promote an early return to work and maximise productivity
  • Implementation of robust injury and claims management systems
  • Ensure employer legislative requirements are being met
  • Implement injury prevention strategies to minimise the risk of future claims

Please contact VIM Group directly for more details on how we can assist your business to manage and prevent injuries and claims, whilst minimising the costs to your business.