Rehabilitation & Injury Management

VIM Group is a boutique service provider delivering services to the life insurance industry and directly to employers.  We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services, via our consultants who all have over 10 years of experience. We are continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Life Insurance

Since VIM Group’s inception, we have been working exclusively with insurers in the life industry to deliver innovative rehabilitation services. We have elected to work solely with life insurers, due to a mutual focus on high quality, customised service delivery to deliver premium outcomes, rather than simply following a rigid process.


Contracting Services

VIM Group is pleased to offer services to insurers, employers and rehabilitation providers on a contracting basis. Typically, these services are utilised on a short term basis where our clients have a need for personnel coverage (recruitment lag cover, leave cover, etc) or are expanding into new markets and are looking for a cost effective way to deliver high quality services.


Employer Workcover Advisory

VIM Group provides specialist consultancy services to employers to prevent and manage workplace injuries and claims. Our consultancy is specifically designed to allow our clients to save money, save time and ensure legislative obligations are met. 



Partner With VIM Group

Our Team of Specialist Consultants offer 10+ years of industry experience.